Friday, February 13, 2009

Please help the victims of the Australian bushfires

I've been helping a lot in the Etsy shop opened to raise money for the victims of the Victorian bushfires here. I thought I'd give it a plug, I hope you don't mind, it is a very good cause.

Artists and crafters from all around Australia and the world have donated items to be sold and all of the proceeds will go to the Red Cross appeal. Plus there is free shipping on everything. How can you help? Visit the shop, browse and buy. Your item will come to you in the mail. Or you can contact the shop and donate items to be sold. It's a great way to help. In 6 short days over 300 items have been sold and more are added all the time. Please check it out.

There are other ways to help too. If you would prefer you can donate money directly to the Red Cross. Emma has her own fundraising drive through her shop benconservato. I have items in my shop The Little Shop of Horus the proceeds will go to the appeal. In fact many Etsy sellers do, so try a search of 'bushfire appeal'. I'm sure you will find something you want!

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Jan Allsopp said...

I hope you don't mind me putting this post up. If I've offended, please understand this was not my intention. Just delete the post. I know it's off topic!