Sunday, August 31, 2008


This is what I have as far as keeping track of our 15 books.

Also, could everyone please post or leave a comment in the chat box to let us know that you've finished an entry if you aren't uploading images? Thanks!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Dreaming of Dostoevsky

Dreaming of Dostoevsky

Faced with the *ahem* challenge of what to do with Fernand's pattern I decided if it were a dress, Samantha would wear it.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Self-Portrait in Frida Kahlo Style

Hi again! Here is my self-portrait in similar style (=
A strange thing-in real life I hate red in everything-clothes, book covers, cars, etc totally everything red BUT I can't draw without it. I would never wear red decorations or even socks! Ha! Art is magic (= you can do what you don't do in your daily routine.
The Moly will be on its way to Anna-D on Tuesday.
ps Autorretrato con collar (muy fea)=Self-Portrait with necklace (....well well...(=)
pps Oh! Chris! You'll be the first male whose portrait I'll draw((=
Have a nice week, guys.

Guess Who? (=

Wel well, do not try to guess whose "portraits" are these ((= Everything is simple! That's me again)
The thing is that Chris' Moly has a FREE PAGE for doodling. I just started it) Please, interact and draw smth under, nearby, above or on them)
Greetings from 2 polar cutties to all of you(=

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Yoda in Frida Kahlo Style

I was bearing the idea of drawing Yoda in this style for much time, thanks God I started finally.
I racked my mind and found out that I have at least one artist or art direction that I adore almost in any culture.
Here is Yoda in Frida Kahlo style, an artist whom I cherish much for her art, ideas, creation in general she could show the whole world despite all the difficulties and obstacles she had to suffer!
Still the tendency of mine to prolong the face =( and it's a pity, the photo doesn't show the gold of pen I used.
Wait for my self-portrait very soon.
ps Retrato con Pelo Corto=Portrait with Cropped Hair.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


I am happy with my drawing of Rama. I was happy with my drawing of me, when it was in the same penned style, until I had a mishap with a wayward pen. In an attempt to camouflage the mistake, I painted over it with gouache. Then more mistakes cascaded onto the paper and this is the end result. Maybe by the time the book comes back to me, a time-machine will be invented and I can prevent that first and fatal pen splotch. Until then, Rama, I hope you like it :)

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Anna in Olya's moly

Hi all,
I finished my entry in Olya's (regular) moly!

I had a little help from my friends photoshop and inkjet transfer. I'm not that great at drawing portraits, actually, and perhaps this way I'll learn? Olya's on the left and that's me on the right. I will send it onto Emma this week!
Love, Anna Denise

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Marty and the Moleskeenas

My entry in Marty's book. Do you recognize the three back-up singers in his band?

Red Islands

Moly_x: My entry in Jan's Moly

My entry in Jan's moleskine - Jan right side up and me up side down. I continued some of the patterns and words from her entry.

Moly_x: Jan's Moly today

The full spread to-date.

Moly_x: Sign-in page in Jan's Moly

My contribution to the mix & match sign-in page.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Here is my entry into Robin's moly. If you don't know American landmarks, it's a play on Mt. Rushmore. Portraits from left to right are Robin, me, my wife, Robin's wife. It didn't come out quite how I'd hoped, but I still like it. Unfortunately my scanner doesn't pick up on all the shades of grey I used, Oh well.

Now I need sleep.

Edit: I really like the way Robin's portrait came out, though I feel as if my skills went down hill as I went on with the other three portraits. I'm thankful it's always a learning process and I can't be perfect.