Thursday, August 6, 2009

Meet a New Football Fan

Hi the group again(= It seems that all the latest posts are mine! Ha ha.
Here is my entry into Marty's Moly.
Well well Russia each second man is a football fan, there is such a great variety of teams to choose.I thought that if Marty lived here he would definitely support some of these teams!
Ta-ta-m! Meet Marty in football fan's hat (with Scandinavian horns-I have no idea why they wear such) in colours of the Russian flag shouting a usual football supporters' motto (the translation is in the pocket, but if you are interested I can put it here). He supports the national football team passionately!
(*dunno why but the images I put here are cut =( )
The Moly is ready to be sent to AnnaD these days, and I will have only Samantha's then.


Jan Allsopp said...

I love it! Such a great idea. I'm sure you have captured Marty's inner Russian!

benconservato said...

I am sure soon it will be then Anna Denise posting everything then me...
Great illustration, I love how you did his face, very nice.

3mw said...

Wpw. You've had a busy month...I hope some of the excitement you've generated here starts to catch fire. Great interpretation and execution.

Ollif said...

Thank you, dear for your warm attitude) I hope Marty will fancy this portrait of his new occupation (=

Marty Harris said...

This is SO funny. The Minnesota Vikings (American) football team is the one whose fans where these helmets and the braids. That's my home team. The Vikings' colors are purple and gold, but the red white and blue works very well for me.

Maybe I should go to a game, paint my body purple and gold, wear the helmet, drink lots of beer and have a snap taken. Maybe not.

Thank you SO much.