Thursday, June 17, 2010

RebelPapa - and mysterious stranger


Here is my entry in Chris' moly.
I was doing the self-portrait side without sketching it in pencil first while my sister tried to have a conversation with me, so it is... somewhat less successful!

Portraits-RebelpapaAlign Center


marina said...

Great portraits - love going pen straight! And love the concept!

melissa said...

These are great little drawings and a clever concept. If my records are accurate the following people have not drawn in Chris' book yet:
Marina, Jan, Marty, Lisa, Szaza and Robin. Of those, it looks like Marty is the only one without a book at the moment. Let's keep the momentum for this one going. Who's next?

benconservato said...

Great idea... I love the bareness of it, it is something I have a lot of trouble doing myself, so I admire it in others.

Yes! Get those books moving!

Lisa Cheney-Jorgensen said...

I think I had best get Olga's book to Marty soon!!

These are lovely!! Looking forward to seeing them in person.

melissa said...

Kathleen I think I missed the whom did you send Chris's book?