Monday, October 20, 2008

Vast Expanses of Blue

Portrait Party: Marina's moly - Sign-in

My contribution to the sign in page for Marina's moly - I can dance, but I can't dance well!

Portrait Party: Marina's moly - Me

Self portrait executed in broad strokes (and illustrating the dangers of using flash photographs for reference).

Portrait Party: Marina's moly - Marina

When doodling gets out of hand.


Lady Orlando said...

This are great :D

I like your dancing style ^^

szaza said...

Wow! What great ideas.
Really well done :)

tanaudel said...

Thanks, lady orlando and szaza. Dance like everybody's watching... :)

benconservato said...

lovely ideas! Well done, doodling NEVER gets out of hand!

Lisa Cheney-Jorgensen (rightside) said...

Wonderful use of collage, and I wish I doodled like that ;-) My life would be so much more interesting! Well done!!!

marina said...

wow, Kathleen!
You drew me so beautiful! And I absolutely in love with my new coat (that turns to tattoo)!
Your crazy energies in dancing make me laugh!
Thank you so much! <3

Marty Harris said...

This is truly special.