Sunday, November 2, 2008

Vive les Reines!

I have a thing for powdered wigs and all that.
I thought I'd carry on with the pencil, black & white with ribbons of pink. I hope you like it Lisa, and get ready Marty, we are on our way to you tomorrow!


Marty Harris said...

I love it. So much hair. So much clothing. You two don't look particularly happy about it.

I'm ready for it, though I have three books to finish.

Jan Allsopp said...

Wow! This is astonishing!

szaza said...

Thanks Marty and Jan!

Yes, comme d'habitude, there is drama at court.

(Hence the expressions)

marina said...

Oh, I love how you continued pencil back&white style! This book looks so harmonic!
Beautiful work, Szaza!

Lisa Cheney-Jorgensen (rightside) said...

Ha!! I love it Samantha!! I thought our expressions were due to the lack of oxygen. And my, what wonderful hair duos we have. (I haven't seen my hair that big since the 80's ;-)Beyond the obvious beauty of our costumes I especially adore the bird form behind us. I looks to me that it might be the shadow of my bird cast on the wall behind us, yet it still carries the ribbon in it's beak. Thank you Samantha! I am loving how my moly is turning out. :D

melissa said...

Beautiful continuation of the bird and ribbon thems. Also, I see a bit of Lady Orlando influence in the softly glowing pink cheeks. What fun.

Lady Orlando said...

I think you both look totally awsome all dreesed up like that, and beautiful, of course :D

I love the soft colours in contrast with the black bird in the background ^^

Rosy cheeks rules!!! :D

szaza said...

Thanks everyone!

I am so happy you like it Lisa!
A lack of oxygen combined with court dramas makes for interesting expressions. I guess that's why ladies often hid their faces behind fans.

I wanted to do a very "powdered" look with super-subtle colour, and rouge on the cheeks seemed a perfect place to add a little extra pink :)

benconservato said...

wonderful, wonderful is all I can say!

Ollif said...

Gorgeous queens!!! ((=
I wish that were me))

Anna Denise said...


szaza said...

Thank you Emma, Olya and Anna!

Olya, we can be queens in your book too. Or mermaids or something fabulous :)