Friday, June 12, 2009

Updated, August 6, 2009

*Updated to reflect 13 members instead of 14


Anna Denise said...

Thanks Melissa!!!! :-) Overall it seems to be going good?

One thing about my moly, though:
If you are reading this Remi. I am not sure if you check your Flickr mail, this website, or if I have your right e-mail address, but could you send on my moly to the next person? You've had it since august last year and I would love for it to move on. No shame in being busy, of course, but it's fallen pretty far behind. Sorry for doing this out here, but I have tried every other way. I would very much appreciate a small note back, or perhaps just a message saying you will send it on. Thank you so much and good luck w/ your new family!

benconservato said...

Just sent Rebel Papa's Moleskine to RĂ©mi... is her hoarding all those moleskines? A new family member will do that. I don't have anyone's.

Lisa Cheney-Jorgensen (rightside) said...

I'm working on Emma's right now...just in search of a picture of myself to include.. ;-) I'll be sending it to Rama soon.

Anna Denise said...

Oh! Did he finish it? I never saw it! If so I think I owe him an apology!

melissa said...

Sorry Anna, my mistake. I went through the chatbox and the last we have is from oct stating that he is working on yours.

rama hughes said...

hey gang, i'm really sorry about this but i'm going to have to quit the moly exchange. long story short: a new school slowed me down this year. i was counting on the summer to catch up but it looks like this summer will be my busiest yet. then in august, i'm expecting my first baby! there's just no way i'll be able to keep up and i'd hate to be the one to derail the whole game.

so, i'll finish the book i have and pass it on to szaza. after that, please send your books to szaza too. thanks for including me everyone. sorry to bail so early.

benconservato said...

that is a real shame Rama, I was looking forward to have you work in my book... too bad. I hope everything works out well and congratlations on your soon new arrival!

Marty Harris said...

Thanks for the information gang. Rama, I am sad that you won't be continuing with us. Not to be rude and unceremoniuos, but I will take your name off the list so it is clear who is sending to whom. Seems like there may be a few changes --that's cool--so I want everyone to be clear about the changes. I will keep you all up to date. Please, all, do the same.

Marty Harris said...

Remi says:

I know I'm VERY late on the molies but I still want to participate, since I'll have some time this summer.

I know i haven't much excuses, I could have skip my turn instead of keeping them.

I've never been so busy in my life since last september. I started working on Anna's book, drawn and painted some stuff on white sheets but I wasn't happy with my ideas and then I started this new job working 12 hours a day, and just when I had less activity, the baby came...

I haven't touched a pencil yet, just started drawing again this week end.

I'll skip my turn with Anna's book, but still want to do the others I have.

I'll send it to Marina this week.


Thank everybody for the greetings, that was nice!

Jan Allsopp said...

I have been a bit grateful for the slow down as I'm behind on another moly exchange (embarrassingly it is one I started!!) I currently don't have a moly portrait 1 to work on and haven't had one for quite a while.

Sad to hear Rama is leaving but it sound like it is for all the right reasons! Congrats! Thanks Marty for the Remi update. It's good to know he will be back in the loop soon.

szaza said...

I am without Mollies for this exchange :)

Anonymous said...

As am I!

melissa said...

Olya contacted me via flikrmail:
Melissa! hi!
I currently have even 4 books (I received Zaza's a week and
a half ago), I'll prepare 2 by the end of June for sure.
Sorry for the delay, I had tough days at job =(


Ollif said...

Hello friends!
Robin's Moly is ready to be sent to Anna-Denise tomorrow.
The next one I'm working on is Melissa's Moly (=

Sad Rama left us.