Sunday, November 22, 2009

emma & i

Sorry, this has taken sooooo long getting done. I have worked on it a little here, and a little there. Emma's moly have traveled with me to soccer games, piano practices, Las Vegas, performance of the Jungle Book, and many other places... tonight I thought I had best get it done and off to Marty (that is who I send to now, right??)

The next one I have in my stash is RĂ©mi's book. I already have an idea for this hopefully it wont drag on for months! :))) Hope everyone is doing well!


Ollif said...

That's FABULOUS!!!
I'm at a loss for words! Such a great finely drawn image (= COOL!

benconservato said...

wow! do I look like that? That is very, very cool. Gorgeous piece, I wish I could draw like that.

marina said...

wow, this is stunning! yes, Emma, I recognized you before I read the title!

Lisa, do you know by any chance where is my moly?
Did you send it to Rama?

Lisa Cheney-Jorgensen (rightside) said...

Emma, so glad you like it! :)) my daughter thinks that the picture I drew from looks like her. LOL! perhaps that is why i gravitated towards that particular image, i don't know for sure. I just really liked the expression on your face with your fabulous hair curling around it.

Marina: I recall sending it to Rama, but that was also the at the time that he bowed out and sent molies onto Marty. Hey, Marty... do you happen to have Marina's moly? It is the one where I'm blowing dandelion seeds to her. I've talked to Rama a few times since then, I'm sure if he has it still we can get it back into the mix quickly. :))

Jan Allsopp said...

Amazing! I too am green with envy at your talent - and patience! Beautiful work. Emma you are so beautiful!

Marty do you have my book too???

Anonymous said...

Oh, very lovely - so much weight to the hair and expression to the eyes.

3mw said...

Worth waiting for. Beautiful

Robin Roberts said...

Great expressions on those faces. Very well done. Let's keep it up.