Saturday, December 19, 2009

Tis the season

Amazing Moly Artists:

First, to Lisa - Thank you so much for investing your personal time into tracking down the whereabouts of each book. It makes me a little sad to think of this group not finishing out.

So, in the spirit of the season, I have one brand new moly to donate to the group. A little Chrismahanukkwanza gift to us all.

Here's what I am asking in return:
In the next few days, can everyone who should have received a missing book please follow up on Lisa's research (see her comment in the previous post) with the local postal/customs office. And can those who have sent books please supply the tracking numbers/confirmation tickets via email to whomever you mailed the book to?

If your book is missing and you want to accept the book from me as a gift, please leave a comment here. I will gift it to the first person to respond AFTER midnight (Eastern Standard Time, USA) January 1st, 2010.

Wishing you all peace, love and creativity in 2010.



melissa said...

Decided to copy Lisa's comment here so you don't have to go back and find it:

Ok Molyx friends, here is what I have recently uncovered after emailing Rama and Remi.

Rama sent Jan's, Kathleen's and possibly Marina's books onto Samantha right after she moved to Turkey. This was MONTHS and MONTHS ago. Samantha, is there any way to check with customs or Turkey's mail service to see if the package is stuck somewhere? If they are truly missing, how would these artist's feel about having a new book created for each and we can paste in copies of the original drawings (not nearly as nice as the originals I know). Then get those books back into circulation. Thankfully each book wasn't too far completed at the time they became lost.

As for Olya's and Anna's books. We believe Remi has them. I have his book, so I've emailed him and asked that he mail me their books. Once received I would mail his book to him. I'm hoping this will encourage him to release these books. IF he does not return them Olya and Anna, are you open to having your books recreated and then put back into the mix?

Such a sad turn of events, however I'm hoping that all of you are still going to stick with the group. We will get this sorted out and back on track. I know I have truly enjoyed seeing the fabulous creativity coming from this group.

Chris Menice said...

I'll donate a japanese folding moly to the 2nd person that needs one. :D

melissa said...

You ROCK, Chris!!

tanaudel said...

Thank you, all, for the searching. I definitely want to continue, book or no, but am just confirming I don't have any at the moment. I think my last was in... Remi's book.

Lisa Cheney-Jorgensen (rightside) said...

I have a spare Japanese folding book to include in the mix as well.

3mw said...

WooHoo! Thanks Lisa! This is such an amazing group. I think we are going to charge into 2010 with all of this positive energy.

Jan Allsopp said...

I'm happy to replace my own book and thank you to everyone for the generous offers. I'd like to keep going no matter what. Merry Christmas everyone and all the best for the new year.

Lisa Cheney-Jorgensen (rightside) said...

Hey Jan,
Why don't you go ahead and get it ready and send it down the same list you had before (minus any member that have dropped out) and we will each paste in our entry from before. And then quickly send it onto the next artist. :)

Jan Allsopp said...

Good idea Lisa. I'll do that.

Remi G said...

Well I've sent todaysending all the books I was holding: Cris, Yoda, Ann D and Olya to Lisa Cheney, the latest member that sent me her adress. At least I'm sure she'll have them.

I've sent everyone the latest drawing I did, wich was last summer.
Hope I'll find some time to draw one day.



Ollif said...

Hey, hopefully my Moly isn't missed-there is polar beast and me cycling-the pic I love (= (=

I still keep only one book-Zaza's.
Wish to see new entries of our group in 2010!
MERRY CHRISTMAS and NEW YEAR. Russia has Christmas on the 7 of January.

PS Can I ask for a spare Japanese Moly? ( in one of the groups mine seems to be lost...waaaa)

marina said...

Girls! thank you for research! It's sad to think that my book is lost forever somewhere between USA and Turkey... but I don't want to give up! So I'll start the new book as soon as I'll buy one.
The portrait party should continue.
Happy New Year, everyone!

benconservato said...

You will be pleased to know I have just received Robin's, Marty's and Melissa's moly... yeah!

3mw said...

That is wonderful news!

benconservato said...

Can someone send me the links to Melissa's and Robin's Photos. I can't seem to find them. Thanks.

melissa said...

I sent you an email Emma, but thought to ask the question here: Are many of us on Facebook? I know that I have been "tagged" on many photos there which I do not have on my flickr stream. Perhaps that's an avenue for sharing here as well. I'm listed there as Melissa Leamon Woodland.

Robin Roberts said...

Melissa, Good call there. Here are my photos on Flickr:

But I also have Facebook and there are a lot of pictures of me on there. Not all of them are all that great but it offers more choices. Link:


Anna Denise said...

My profile:

3mw said...

I disagree, Robin, they are all great. Spirit fingers in particular!!

Robin Roberts said...

I am just overwhelmingly thrilled that you found that. Thats what happens when you have daughters that are cheerleaders.

benconservato said...

Great idea, that is why I had no real problem with Marty, or Anna Denise.
I am

melissa said...

And as a daughter who was a former cheerleaders, I truly appreciate spirit fingers. I think I have just cursed my book for future entries with that tidbit!

3mw said...

Officially midnight EST