Monday, October 4, 2010

Lisa's book

I finished up Lisa's book today. I've been experimenting with water soluble graphite lately and this book seemed to fit in well with that. Robin's entry before mine was a large facial spread in pencil. I'm pretty happy overall with my painting of Lisa, not so much of myself. I would have preferred to leave myself out completely! Maybe I just need more self portrait practice. It was difficult to even find a picture of myself. But rules are rules :D

I hope you like it Lisa. Oh also, this is just a snap taken with my iPhone. I'll scan a hi-res image tomorrow and post it to flickr.

Edit: I added the scanned image.


Lisa Cheney-Jorgensen said...

Yay Chris this looks great!! Water soluble graphite? Never heard of it. I'll have to find some and try it out too. Thank you so much for the wonderful portraits =)

Chris Menice said...

Hi Lisa,

The watersoluble graphite is kind of like watercolor sticks. You can draw right on the page with them and then apply water. I tend to apply my brush right to the stick and then brush the page like a painting. The ones I have are made by Derwent and come in 2B, 4B, 6B and 8B. I really like them, but I tend to like pencil type sketching a lot.

3mw said...

Great entry Chris. I like the framing, it gives a good jump off spot to the next person.

melissa said...

Did this book go to Marty for the show or is it elsewhere?