Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Status Update

Hello friends. Here's the news for April.
Szaza received Robin's book.
Anything else?


Chris Menice said...

Anna Denise's book is nearing completion. Everytime I add something I think it's getting closer and closer. I was very "aggressive". It's been a long strange ride for this one. I hope she likes it because it's unlike anything I've done. I hope to explore the same process in future pieces, but I need to figure how to do it faster ;)

Images coming upon completion. ETA, 2-3 days max now. Do I still ship to Olya?

Then I'll be starting Emma's book.

Chris Menice said...

Just an update on Anna's book. I finished. I'll be scanning and posting tomorrow. I need some sleep while that book dries and the baby sleeps.