Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Chris' book - bluish entry from Marina

Hello everybody!
After years of break I was happy and excited to get back to this great group! I've forgot how fun it was - all these Moly exchanges, interacting with different artists from all over the world!
So here it comes - Chris' book with my entry. I don't really know how I've come to this image, maybe that's what Chris' cool photographs associate with for me.

Chris, hope you like it!
All I need now is to find a pigeon and send it to.... Who's next?


Ollif said...

This marine theme is really cool and summer-like (= very fresh!
Lovely blue, lucky Chris!

3mw said...

Wow! This is such a fun, spirited entry. Thanks for kick-starting our little group. From my records Jan, Lisa, Samantha, Robin and Marty have not had this book yet. Who is ready for this fun book...remember there's a surprise inside. No spoilers, but it's pretty terrific.