Saturday, June 18, 2011

Status Update

Hi Friends-
Hope this post finds you all well. I'm logging in to let you know I've received Ann-D's book from Chris. Does anyone else have an update to share? Please remember to log in when you do. That momentum keeps us all going and gets those fingers itching to create something awesome. 

At this point, I need to kindly urge people that have had books for 3, 4, 7, 10 months to speak up. To be fair to the rest of the group, you need to email, reply, comment, whatever about the status of the book in your possession. There's no shame in being busy...but if you haven't touched a book in over six months - it's time to commit with a deadline or tell us that you need some time away. I will do my best to match your book up with the next waiting artist. And thank you to those who have been patiently waiting without a book for months. I apologize for not getting this message out sooner.

Thanks all!

P.S. Marty - can you let us know when the show books will be back in circulation and if you need my help getting them into new hands, I'd be happy to help!

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Anna Denise said...

Thank you Melissa for the update and all the work you're putting into keeping us updated. People, let's all stick with this awesome group and get it going again before summer! Unfortunately, I have no books at present, but would be willing to receive any books 'left over'.