Monday, September 5, 2011

moly_x mail

moly_x mail
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Books from the show are on their way back out into the world. What an amazing task completed by our fearless leader. Thanks so much Marty!!


Anna Denise said...

Hooray for Marty!!!

Marty Harris said...

At long last! No excuses. I am truly sorry for the delay friends. It was a beautiful little exhibition. Thank you for participating.

3mw said...

Awesome. Can everyone please make sure to post here (or at the very least to Marty) to let us know when your book has been received so we know it's safe and can get it back into the rotation. Thanks, all!

3mw said...

It's November 5th. Two months since Marty has returned books. If you got one, can you please post so that we can update the chart and know which book is where? Thanks.