Monday, September 22, 2008

Kathleen's portrait

Finally finished painting in Kathleen's moly...
This was inspired by Kathleen's interest in vintage toys and this really cool antique "Punch and Judy" toy bank. If you are not familiar with Punch and Judy they are these really old puppets. Judy used to bonk Punch on the head with a club, and Punch would "punch" Judy with his/her fist....hmmm... loved the picture but didn't care for the violence. So I put a paintbrush in Kathleen's hand and changed the name of the bank. :)

Interesting tid bit... in piano lessons last week my son started playing a song guessed it... "Punch and Judy". Alex knew who they were without me having to explain.

Anyway, I hope you like it Kathleen!!


marina said...

ha-ha! great idea!
I love yours and Kathleen's faces!
Don't punch too strong ;)

tanaudel said...

Oh yay! I love this :)

Marty Harris said...

Really, really, really nice. Personal and beautifully crafted.