Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Robin's portrait

Finally I finished Robin's portrait. Of all his photos I like this the most because the way he proudly shows the fish he just caught.
I hope he likes it :)


marina said...

Yoda, it's beautiful!
I love how this project causes to change a style - it's a little bit different and still so you!

szaza said...

Wonderful as always!

benconservato said...

ahh, Ms. Yoda, if only I could draw people as well as you! You are a star!

redredpres said...

WOW, this looks awesome. Some day I would like to know what is behind the red cheeks. But it is distinctively you. I thought I remembered that fish being much larger though. Ha, ha. Way to go!

Marty Harris said...

Lovely drawing, Yoda. Great keepsake. Lucky redredpres.

The fish will seem much larger when it's me dressed in a fish costume chasing after you with a fishing rod. Can't wait to get my hands on your book redredpres.

Lisa Cheney-Jorgensen (rightside) said...

another wonderful portrait Yoda!!

I believe if you look at the comments area of one of Yoda's self portraits, from a month or so ago, she explains the red cheeks and some of her other symbolism. Truly inspiring. :)

Hahaha... Marty, looking forward to seeing you as a revengeful fish... =D

Jan Allsopp said...

This is very beautiful. I'm off to read that comment to find out about those red cheeks. I love the read cheeks!

Lady Orlando said...

Somebody asked me the same question a long time ago about the red cheeks.

Is a symbol of purity, spiritual at least. I've noticed that in cartoons only kids have those kind of red cheeks and to be a child is to be pure, to be amazed everyday about everything. When we grow up we loose some of that, we have to even if we don't want to, but I think we have to keep some of it, or more than some.

I didn't have a "normal" childhood, it ended too soon. Now years later, I'm trying to live that, not in the same way of course, just in my works. So that's why I use the cheeks, the colour sometimes is not that important :)