Thursday, September 11, 2008


First of all, I have to say: it's so fun to be in this group! Your wonderful works are giving me so much inspiration!
Remi, sorry that it took me so much time - but here is it comes!
It was obvious to me that I want to draw you playing on a ukulele. I had no idea where this tinny guitar comes from, so I googled it and found out that it's traditional Hawaiian music instrument. From now and on my drawing is starting to flow. Look at me – I'm playing on a Nose-flute! It's not such as easy as you might think! But it's really fun!
Jan, I'm sorry. The colors went through the page. So maybe you'll need to stick some paper on the page or to jump over it.


Ollif said...

Haha! Marina! that's adorable ((=
the "words" Remi is singing made me laugh)
I ADORE THE Project)

Marty Harris said...

This image is SO! sweet and touching. Looks like he was right there with you. Absolutely fabulous response to a brilliant project. Thanks to Rama and Melissa.

Lucky Remi.

Remi G said...

That's perfect I love that, thank you thank you thank you!

Jan Allsopp said...

Marina this is fantastic! You have really captured him. Seeing your drawing on the signin page reminded me that I forgot to draw myself on your sign in page!!! Do we get it back a second time? I'll do it then.

marina said...

thanks a lot you all!

Olya! Actually, it's real song words. I took them from some Hawaiian site. ;p

Marty, it's brilliant project indeed, so much fun!

Remi, I'm happy that you liked!

Jan, sure, you can join the party next time!

benconservato said...

beautiful Marina... I am SURE (as he has said) that he loves his portrait. I can't wait until you draw me!

Marty Harris said...

I keep passing this image. I just love it.