Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Olya's got herself a polar bear!

Olya Portrait-Moly

Once I finished Ann-D's moly, it was the holidays, and since I didn't really have a holiday, i had some spare time on my hands, so I planned out Olya's portrait in advance. I enjoyed working in the bigger format, I have realised of late, that I am not really a "drawing little" kind of beast, but I can do if I am forced. I hope you like your polar bear, which is obviously me in disguise. I like being in disguise.


Jan Allsopp said...

Olya is soooo lucky!

szaza said...

Yes she is!! Wow!
Another STELLAR drawing, Emma. Wow.
I love it.

tanaudel said...

Oh, I do like this. Odd and peaceful and warm (and the little thought balloon!).

marina said...

Emma, as always your drawing is full of joy and energy!
I love how the Pollar Bear (Emma) holds Olya!
You're having fun, girls!

Ollif said...

WAAAAAaa!!! Emma, ma cherie, merci beaucoup! j'etait tres tres ravie et flattee (= (je n'ai pas des accents, pardon). Il me semble que tout le monde sait ma passion des ours blancs. Cela est touchant)

The bear hugs me so tander. Emma, that's my dream to carress a real polar bear. Thank you! Two passions combined-warm bear hugs me and I'm cycling. Funny (=
Guys! Feel free ti draw polar bears everywhere-that's a real obsession of mine ^_^

Marty Harris said...

I love this one.