Saturday, August 21, 2010

Melissa and I + our "babies"

First of all - sorry for the delay, but here it comes! I passed through a lot of Melissa's photos and found her photographed together with her daughter many times. The postures looked so familiar to me, and I found one picture of myself together with my "baby" that looked very similar.
Don't moms and their children look similar over the world?
Melissa, I hope you liked our group portrait.


3mw said...

Thank you so much!! This is so precious for many reasons. I love the light upbeat color and line. I knew the exact picture as soon as I saw it. And yes, babies on hips are a universal with moms! I'm exicted to see this little book move along. Thank you!!

Marty Harris said...

I just LOVE this. Oh Melissa, how lucky are you. Marina, will you send that book to me for the exhibit. Melissa, would that be okay?

melissa said...

But of course!

benconservato said...

Marty is a book hoarder, takes one to know one, hey M?

This exhibition is going to spectacular!

Ollif said...

Haha that's so funny!
Happy moms (=

szaza said...

This is awesome!
Wonderful work, Marina.
I love the energy you bring to a page.

3mw said...

Hi Olya! How are things going in Samantha's book? We had a sneak peek awhile back. Will you be ready to ship that off soon? Please send us an update!