Sunday, August 24, 2008

Self-Portrait in Frida Kahlo Style

Hi again! Here is my self-portrait in similar style (=
A strange thing-in real life I hate red in everything-clothes, book covers, cars, etc totally everything red BUT I can't draw without it. I would never wear red decorations or even socks! Ha! Art is magic (= you can do what you don't do in your daily routine.
The Moly will be on its way to Anna-D on Tuesday.
ps Autorretrato con collar (muy fea)=Self-Portrait with necklace (....well well...(=)
pps Oh! Chris! You'll be the first male whose portrait I'll draw((=
Have a nice week, guys.


szaza said...

I love your two portraits :)

marina said...

I love both Fridas too!
(You looks nice with red necklace! ;p)

Marty Harris said...

These are fabulous entries. Yoda's the lucky one.