Sunday, August 31, 2008


This is what I have as far as keeping track of our 15 books.

Also, could everyone please post or leave a comment in the chat box to let us know that you've finished an entry if you aren't uploading images? Thanks!


Ollif said...

Melissa! You are a treasure!
What's great to keep things tracing. As I have already written I have Chris' Moly at the moment

szaza said...

Wow! What a great chart!
I am Moly-portait free at the moment.
I sent Rama's off to Marty last week and he should have it now or soon.

Anna Denise said...

Awesome schedule. I have sent Olya's moly onto Emma last week. I KNOW terribly late, BUT I have an excuse: I was graduating.

tanaudel said...

I've finished and sent on Jan's book as well as mine.

benconservato said...

I have been Moly free since I sent off Ann-D's to RĂ©mi... he told me he was almost done with mine, and was about to send it off to marina?

rama hughes said...

just so you know, i was swallowed by school work throughout august and am just now digging my way out from under it. i will draw lisa's portrait this week and pass it along. (sorry for the delay!)