Saturday, August 23, 2008

Yoda in Frida Kahlo Style

I was bearing the idea of drawing Yoda in this style for much time, thanks God I started finally.
I racked my mind and found out that I have at least one artist or art direction that I adore almost in any culture.
Here is Yoda in Frida Kahlo style, an artist whom I cherish much for her art, ideas, creation in general she could show the whole world despite all the difficulties and obstacles she had to suffer!
Still the tendency of mine to prolong the face =( and it's a pity, the photo doesn't show the gold of pen I used.
Wait for my self-portrait very soon.
ps Retrato con Pelo Corto=Portrait with Cropped Hair.


Marty Harris said...

Beautiful image, lovely description. I so love this project.

Lady Orlando said...

I think you painted me prettier than I am, hehehe.

melissa said...

Stunning. I look forward to seeing it in all its gilded glory. Thanks for including the translation, all the better!

szaza said...

So lovely, very well done!

Ollif said...

Thank you guys.
I was very pleased to read all your comments. I got much pleasure with the result and went smiling the whole day yesterday looking at the pic thinking that someone would definitely fancy it. It's great Yoda liked it (blush). And never anyone told me that it come out prettier than the person is in reality))))

benconservato said...

beautiful! I am sure lady orlando is going to love it.