Sunday, August 10, 2008

Red Islands

Moly_x: My entry in Jan's Moly

My entry in Jan's moleskine - Jan right side up and me up side down. I continued some of the patterns and words from her entry.

Moly_x: Jan's Moly today

The full spread to-date.

Moly_x: Sign-in page in Jan's Moly

My contribution to the mix & match sign-in page.


melissa said...

I like the playfulness of this and the way the pattern mingles its way into the fabric.

benconservato said...

oh, it is lovely to go away and come back to see all this wonderful work!
This is so happy!

marina said...

looks fun!
I need to wait too much for my turn :(
well done!

szaza said...

Wow! I love how you brought together the different styles. Very fun, very cool!

Jan Allsopp said...

I love it Kathleen! Thank you so much. I think I might look a little toooo good looking though! I love your self portrait and your signin drawing. Can't wait to see it all! Is the date on the signin 2006?

tanaudel said...

Didn't you see my other self-portrait, Jan? My superpower is the ability to travel through space and time. Mwahahaha. Maybe Lisa could correct it for me?

Thanks for all the comments and no, Jan, not too pretty - people recognised it from the photo.