Sunday, July 6, 2008

Here is my Sign In page.

The idea is simple-create a window on one of the houses and sign in(= It would be nice if you put a small photo/name/age inside the window((= My picture is too official I'd say-it was taken a year ago for some document.
Have fun. Please, decorate the houses as you wish))) I love interaction.
The Moly will be send these days to Anna-Denise.


marina said...

great idea - I love it!

Lady Orlando said...

This is so great Olya.

I hope to finish mine soon so I could send it to you this week :))

Chris Menice said...

Looks wonderful!

melissa said...

Very creative. I adore the playful door/windows to open and add.

Marty Harris said...

Such a cool idea. I look forward to decorating my house. Very sweet, Olya.