Monday, July 21, 2008

Tanaudel reenters Earth's atmosphere

I am back in Australia and I have begun my Moleskine for the exchange.

I executed my self-portrait in Pitt Artist Pens (my favourite sketchbook pen at the moment, although you can see the individual pen strokes). As you can see, I was feeling pretty cheerful when I planned it, and not having any self-esteem issues.

Molyx: Paperdoll

And here is a small version because Blogger is cutting off the right-hand side of the picture. Does anyone know how to stop that?
Moly_x: Paperdoll

Here is the sign-in page. I am showing the small version because it is very ugly, although you can of course see a larger version by going through to Flickr and clicking "all sizes". I am hoping every one else's frames and pictures will make it a little bit less of an eyesore.


I don't think I have a theme. But I do like old fashioned games and parlour games and word games, so I won't object if people reference those - and I did allude to them in the books on the sign-in page.


Lisa CJ (rightside) said...

Hey, great idea!! I look forward to seeing this in my mailbox soon :)

Ollif said...

So cute! I remembered that I went crazy with those paper dolls at school)))))Lovely.
So many fresh and interesting ideas with each new book)

Jan said...

I love this SOOOOO much.

pompatooie said...

Yes, In the area where you download the posts for the blogsite there is a tab called "edit HTML". you can adjust the size of the file you are uploading by entering fixed heights and widths in this area. Unfortunately, you have to know how to write in HTML. I am new at it, but it must be written in a special way. I can not enter the codes here, because the computer thinks they are real instructions, and won't let me enter them in this area. By the way, I love your drawings and the clever idea of the paper doll outfits. Good luck with your files.

benconservato said...

cool, another great portrait, I am sure it is wonderful in person!

I'll have to remember your idea for the parlour games, it is an interesting topic.

tanaudel said...

Parlour games are so much fun. When I have my own place, I will have people over to play Dictionary again.

Lisa, it's posted!