Friday, July 18, 2008

Jan's Moly has begun (finally)

For my signin page I made a little book and attached it to the inside front cover. Each page of the book is cut into three to make and Exquisite Corpse* book. I want each participant to add a self portrait here - just a quick blind contour or something simple.I've made some repositionable adhesive strips to hold the three parts of the page together while you work. I'm looking forward to seeing the little book full with the bizarre combinations that it will have, all of us blended together.
And this is me. I think I will transcribe the text on my blog or flickr or somewhere. Give me a minute and then check it out. Posting off to Katherine on Monday. Just got to commit to some photos and I will have caught up completely.
And talking about Excuisite Corpse* books... I'm thinking about starting an MolyEC exchange. I've got a small Moleskine sketchbook which I will cut the same as my little book above. It won't be self portraits, but any figure you like. I love to think of the exciting beasts that could be made with the book when it is filled with everyones fantastic drawings. Marty I'll be in touch about that!

*I will post info about the history of Excuisite Corpse books on my blog shortly.


marina said...

Hey, Jan!
It's gorgeous self portrait!
And I just love your idea of Exquisite Corpse book! Looks so fun!

Lady Orlando said...

Is an excellent idea!!

I think it will look great :))

benconservato said...

I love exquisite corpse books, I made a mini one inside a moleskine that Moleskine have in their possession, it is completely facinating and crazy, great idea.

Ollif said...

I also find the idea of a small corpse book interesting (=
Lovely portrait of you! I love that the spectacles have a different colour and it's seems as if you remembered about them at last))

Marty Harris said...

I think this self portrait is touching. I love the line, the touch. Gives it a vulnerable and personal feel. Dig the red spectacles.