Friday, July 4, 2008

Me and myself…

Finally, I finished the first entry in my book!
Please join me on my Sign-In page! Feel free to dance. Take some drinks, or to do whatever you want to do! But please, enjoy the Party! Draw yourself and don't forget to introduce!

Ah, here's my theme: Me and myself. Please draw your portrait and a little bit of your… things, thoughts, dreams…e.t.c.

I'm using a big moleskine because of his size. But I'm missing the collaboration part. So I added a little drawing at the next page– what will cause some interaction. Please slide also to the next person's page!

Have fun!
Great works everyone!


benconservato said...

oh lovely Marina! I can't wait to see your monstrous moly :p It is a good idea to have some slip over onto the other page... I really can't wait, and I'm almost the last, boo hoo!

Marty Harris said...

OMG, you are brilliant. It just falls right out of you on to the page. How lucky are you? How luck are we?

szaza said...

Oh, it is simply gorgeous.
Awesome work, Marina!

marina said...

thank you, friends!
I'm so happy that you liked!

Marty Harris said...

Upon review: I love this. The dance party is so charming.

marina said...

Hey, Marty!
Can't wait to see you dancing!